Local 32 Airline Rep Update August 2012
Posted On: Aug 09, 2012

To: Local 32 Members

From: Mike Young Local 32 ALR

Date: August 10, 2012

Re: Airline Rep Update

Dear Members,

I would like to give you an update with all the items that we as an Association and Local are working on. These issues are ever changing and very dynamic in their flow but you will at least have some information as to where we are with business.

Shift Bid Award 89-12: This award posted allowing the 10 mechanics formally stationed at DFW positions in Dallas on unsuccessful bid positions from movement in Dallas. The Union objected to this award and allowance of these mechanics to be awarded these positions as the NMB has yet to rule that both Airlines mechanics are under a single CBA. The Company revised the award now showing these previous positions awarded to now reflect unsuccessful bidder.

Attendance Policy Arbitration: AMFA & the Company met in Dallas on Tuesday August 7th 2012 for the purpose of an arbitration hearing regarding our contesting the new policy on attendance. Unfortunately we had to suspend the hearing after starting due to the Arbitrator having a family member in the hospital with a terminal illness that his family member could pass at any moment. The parties decided to suspend the hearing and resume in the arbitrator’s home city of New Orleans on September 18 2012. This was selected to minimize the expense of bring the arbitrator back to Dallas due to how full his calendar is and that we could complete this hearing fairly quickly in a single day.

Case #SWA-2587 Temp Vacancy Inspection Back Fill: AMFA & SWA will be meeting in Dallas on Monday August 20th 2012 with Arbitrator McKee for the purpose of the Company’s request of his definition of temp vacancy. This has already been arbitrated and AMFA’s position is we have a favorable ruling in hand and therefore see no reason for any evidence to be presented in this case to be heard. I can tell you AMFA will be asking the Company pay all costs associated with this case being revisited. At this time I am not at liberty to discuss what those costs are but will be able to share that at a later date and where we may possibly go forward if there is a continuance in the Company’s discontinuing the practice of back filling.

Mechanic Section 6 Negotiations: The AMFA Committee will be sitting down for Section 6 openers with the Company on August 21st and 22nd 2012 in Dallas. The Committee will meet in Chicago on August 14th & 15th 2012 to finalize our opening proposal. We will be presenting our openers in bullet point proposals based on the weighted proposals submitted by the Membership. There will also be discussions on the type of bargaining process we will follow in future formal sessions.

B717 Maintenance Negotiations: As you all are aware with the ratified Transition Agreement we are scheduled to meet with the Company to negotiate the B717 maintenance which our CBA language dictates should be our covered work. AMFA’s Committee is ready to present our proposal to the Company for this work which we feel should be accomplished in-house. We were scheduled to formally meet on Thursday August 9th 2012 in Dallas but the session was canceled by the Company citing they were not prepared to meet at this time. The Transition Agreement calls for a baseball style arbitration to be accomplished if the parties cannot reach an agreement. The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday October 23rd 2012 in Dallas. This does not preclude the parties to come to an agreement prior to that date but the time lines set forth in the Transition Agreement are running concurrent with these talks.

Mechanic’s Seniority Integration List. We currently have a couple of Dallas Members working on the integrated list to be ready to match ours with the Company’s proposed list to ensure accuracy. We are also looking as to how our newly acquired classifications of Maintenance Controllers & Maintenance Trainers will be folded into that list. Once this has been accomplished we will get this posted for all to see.

Denver Maintenance: The Union has asked the Company when the Members would see the postings for the aircraft maintenance positions in Denver per the ratified LOA. The Company is looking at posting these positions on August 16th 2012 with an award date of August 31st 2012 & effective start date of October 1st 2012. We have no clear number as yet on how many positions will be posted. The reason for the October start date is to give the mechanics awarded these positions, relocating to Denver the 30 days extension per the CBA from the date of the award. Per the CBA the 1st 6 Aircraft Mechanics awarded bids should receive their moves paid by the Company. The CBA language states 1st 6 Aircraft & 1st 6 GSE mechanics receive paid moves. The GSE 6 positions have already been paid.

401k Retro Pay: There have been some questions asked about the 401k retro as to when we would see that added to our accounts. If you refer back to the ratified LOA it states within 30 days of ratification of the Transition Agreement but no later than October 31st 2012 the mechanics would receive this 2% increase retroed back to January 1st 2012. Now having said that those that have not increased their 401k contribution above 8% will receive the retro of .07% back to January 1st 2012. Those at 10% or more will get the benefit of the full 2% increase added to their account.

System Board: We will be holding System Board in Dallas on September 19th 2012. The Union has many outsourcing grievances to be on behalf of the entire mechanics & Inspectors in the System. We have a few other grievances involving O/T by-passes and vendors installing serialized parts in lieu of call for down lines.

I know this is rather long but having not given an update in recent weeks I felt it was time to share what I could with you at this time. Keep in mind these issues change all the time but we must stay the course and stay united in our attempts to keep our CBA followed and enforced. I appreciate the job all of our Members perform and would ask that we stay strong and stay united.

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